Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tyler's 10th Birthday!

Tyler's turning 10 so we said, "Let the party begin!"
We started out with a full day at 7-Peaks . . . 5 hours. I think that was a record for us and boy was it fun. Everyone had a friend to play with and it was 100 degrees?
What could be funner?
Then that night Tyler couldn't wait for his cousin Max to come over for a fun sleepover. We hit Olive Garden and then home for endless Wii Games!
Tyler has been planning his 10th Birthday Party since last Fall when we heard that they were postponing the release of the 6th Harry Potter Movie until July 15th 2009. As soon as Tyler heard the date he turned to me and said,
So there was no question as to what we were going to do. Bret got us some tickets for an 8:15am show Saturday morning and we were there bright and early. I wanted to make sure we didn't get doggy seats with it being a birthday party and all, so we got there an hour before the movie started. Bleary eyed and all we were the only ones there, and the doors were locked. But Hey! - We got the best seats in the house.
And the movie was awesome!

Bret, Katy and Shawn stayed back to feed some ducks and prep our house for surprise gifts when we got back from the show. And I have to say they did a great job. The room was fully decorated, presents wrapped (in newspaper :)) and Tyler was very surprised to find a new bike!

The first gift he opened was a . . . . pack of Cheese!

The second gift he opened was another . . .
Pack of Cheese!
The third gift he opened was another . . .

Pack of Cheese!
and the fourth gift he opened was another . . .

Pack of Cheese!
Bret definitely knows what Ty loves . . . and what a great sense of humor!

To top off the celebration, we hit Los Hermanos
for the best Fajita's in the world!
What a fun Birthday Celebration!

We are so grateful to have Tyler in our family.
We love him so much!
Some things we love about Tyler are:

He has the BIGGEST heart!
He is a good friend to everyone - always so kind and nice
He is so smart that Grandma Clark calls him a "Walking Encyclopedia" :)
He is a hard worker
He is a lawn mowin' machine!
He is always willing to help
He ran his first 5K this year!
He loves science!
He loves to cook and wants to be a chef someday!
He is growing like a weed!
He loves to ride his ripstik and bike!
We love you Ty!
Hope you had a great B-day celebration!


Nicole said...


You are the best. I want you to know that I love you more then you love cheese!!! I am so proud to be your Dad. Thank you for being such a great kid. (ear tug)

Love Dad

Gwen said...

Tyler, you are the oldest grandson in our family, and you set such a good example for us all to follow. I love your kindness too. I will never forget family night when you crossed your legs and taught us all about the Sunami. I loved going down the Lehi pool slide the first time with you. I am looking forward to you coming to Wallsburg this week!!! I hope you can tell how much your Mom and Dad love you. What a long exciting Birthday! I am anxious to hear all about Harry Potter. See you soon! I love you!!! Grandma

Kelly said...

TY... it looks like you had a Birthday of LOVE! You couldn't have had a better birthday... movie, dinners, cousins, swimming, bike, and of course CHEESE!
I LOVE YOU! We LOVE YOU! We are counting down the days until we can play with you... 15 more days!
WHOO HOO it will be a PARTY! I hope you have a wonderful year being 10! I can hardly believe you could be that old already. You are such a cute kid... watch out the girls might want to try and give you a Birthday kiss... You better them they will have to wait until you are 21!
Love you... Happy Birthday from all of us thompsons...

cheech said...

ty i cant belive your getting so big.. it looks likle your mom and dad went all out on the birthday, i mean they didnt miss a beat. i could so see you soaking in the harry potter movie was it amy good?/
heres a few things i love about ty, he is the most obseverant kid ever i remeber when we were on a trip to cali and jace had a poopy diaper so i asked matt to change it and he quicky replied " oh no they dont have a changing table" sure enough ty heard it and it all mapped out where it actually was since he had just gone in there a few minuets ago, sure enough there it was.
the kid can tell you everything about everything, theres never a quite minuet when hes in the room, and hes always keeping track of all my boys around him. I LOVE YOU TY HAPPY BDAY.

Kim said...

We love you TOO!!! Thanks so much for letting Max in on all the partying. He told me it was the BEST part of his week. He loved going to the movie with you, riding bikes, playing your fun games, and just being with his buddy. He told me how much Cheese you got and it cracked me upo. Only your Dad! Happy Birthday! You are growing up way to fast! You are a full head taller than Max. You are such a good kid and we love you!