Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sledding in Wallsburg

Grandma Clark told the kids they could each bring a friend up to go sledding sometime, so we made a day of it and all had so much fun!  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for letting us come!
This cute man did all the driving!  He was frozen by the time he was done . . .
Jenny brought 2 friends, Kylee and Bailey and they laughed and laughed the whole time
All of Tyler's friends were out of town, so he was a good sport and hung out with all of us
Katy and Julia did a little 4-wheeling while they were waiting for their next turn on the tubes
Shawn made snow angels and had snowball fights with his friend Milo

I think they were the most fun to watch . . . cutest faces!
 Then back to the house for hot chocolate, movies, coloring, electric blankets, building blocks and naps

  Kate's hands were so cold!
Thank you again Grandma and Grandpa for the fun day.  We had so much fun!  Thank you for having us!