Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Best Dad in the Whole Wide World

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful Dad!
We can't imagine what our lives would be like without him. (Jenny's sitting by me while I write this and she says, "Yeah we do, Mom. It would be boring!") I love her.
We love our Dad for so many things:
  • His jokes - Jenny
  • He takes us bowling - Katy
  • He comes to my Coach Pitch Games and helps me - Tyler
  • He helps us with our art projects at school - Jenny
  • He gives the best back tickles - Katy
  • He takes us to Nickle-Cade - Jenny

  • He smokes the best ribs - Jenny
  • He takes us to Jazz games - Jenny, Tyler
  • He takes us out for Ice Cream - Katy
  • He likes to watch T.V. shows with us like American Gladiators - Jenny
  • He likes to play XBOX/Star Wars with me - Tyler
  • He takes good care of us - Katy
  • He likes to play football in our yard - Jenny
  • He plays fun road games with me when we're driving to dance - Jenny
  • He is an amazing cook
  • He plays games with us - Katy
  • He goes on lunch dates while the kids are at school and every Saturday Night
  • He takes good care of our yard and home
  • He takes us out on the boat - Jenny, Katy
  • He gives great foot rubs
  • He wrestles with us - Jenny
  • He takes us for Four-Wheeler rides in Wallsburg - Katy
  • He loves the Food Network Channel
  • He likes to play in the waves with us at Laguna Beach - Jenny

  • He's funny - Jenny, Tyler
  • He makes yummy Peanut Butter Cups - Katy
  • He wrestles with me - Shawn
  • He takes us on Sunday Drives
  • He makes the kids do back, arm, feet, and leg Tickle Contests
  • He tells us to "get a good education" when he takes us to school - Jenny, Tyler
  • He asks me if I "Shook my Booty" EVERYTIME he picks me up from dance - Jenny
  • He loves us - Katy
  • He lets me help him fix up our Rentals - Tyler
  • I love to give him hugs and kisses -Shawn
  • He is honest
  • He is a hard worker
  • He's an amazing swimmer
  • He has a great sense of humor
  • He always looks for the good in things
  • He loves to read
  • He is patient with me
  • He honors his priesthood responsibilities
  • He dreams big
  • He is smart - He knows about everything
  • He provides a wonderful home for our family
  • He sets good goals and reaches high
  • He encourages us to do what is right
  • He's a good decision maker
  • He loves his wife
  • He is so handsome!
  • He is very generous and is always willing to help others.
We love you, Dad!
You are the Best!