Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Close you's eyes, Opens you's hands

As Bret has traveled around the United States for various reasons, whether it be for In the Attic, Real Estate seminars or vacation, he has always made it a priority to bring home a little surprise for each of the kids. It has become his own special tradition. Each time Bret travels, comments heard around our house are, "How much longer until Dad's going to be home? I wonder what he's going to get us!" Phone calls at night from Dad, never end without questions like, "Have you got anything for us yet? How big is it? He says it's bigger than a feather but smaller than an Elephant!"
The moment he gets home, the first thing he says when he walks in the door is, "Everybody on the couch! Close your eyes and open your hands! NO PEEKING!"
Once they are seated with hands out front and eyes sealed, he proceeds to place something in each of their hands. Once he announces that they may open their eyes, the room is filled with excitement.. . . giant Jawbreakers, cups of slime, bags of gummi bears, screaming monkeys. . .
A while back, Katy came in with a surprise for me. With excitement in her voice she proceeded to tell me, "Close your eyes and open your hands." Upon feeling something in my hands, I opened my eyes to see our morning newspaper. "Thank you, Katy." I said, and off she went, proud as can be for being a good helper. Did I notice Shawn in the background watching this exchange?
A few days ago, as I was standing at the kitchen sink, I felt Shawn tug on my pant leg and I heard him say, "MOM! Close you's eyes, opens you's hands". And I turned to see this . . .
After doing as I was commanded, he presented me with one fresh raspberry he had picked off the raspberry bushes in our backyard. So proud! After waiting for me to eat the raspberry, he was gone.
Only a few minutes had passed when all of sudden he was back . . . "Close you's eyes, opens you's hands!" And I was presented with another. One by one the berries were picked and presented with pride.

Each day now I'm presented with raspberries, fresh off the bushes, one at a time. The magic for Shawn is in the picking and presenting (since he doesn't like to eat them himself). But the magic for me is to see the tradition and excitement pass on from one generation to another. I can only imagine the fun surprises that are still to come!