Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Go David Archuleta!!!
We're Voting for You!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Weekend to Remember!

Jenny had one of the funnest weekends ever. I'm sure it will be one that she will always remember. First of all, Bret invited her to go to the Jazz game with him on Friday. She wanted to go to the Laker game during the regular season, but it ended up being on a school night, so she wasn't able to go. When we got our tickets for game 6 of the playoffs, Bret knew she would absolutely love it. She got all dressed up and did her hair, put on some cute earrings (Thanks Aunt Jamie!) and a little lip gloss later she was ready for her date with Dad!

Bret was so excited to take her. He knew she would love it, be interested in the game and actually know what was going on. They both had so much fun.
They were a perfect match for the game.

Then on Saturday, the Public Library had a huge Children's Book Festival. They had tons of activities and about 30-40 different authors and illustrators there for book signing. We got to meet the authors of the "Fablehaven" books (See picture of Jen above as Fablehaven), "Snowmen at Night" author and illustrator, Guy Francis (who we will always love), and the one and only . . .

This is Jenny with Shannon Hale who is the author of Princess Academy(Newberry Medal), The Goose Girl, A Book of a Thousand Days, Austenland, and more. She was really nice and signed Jen's copy of "Princess Academy" for her. It was so fun to meet all the fun authors and illustrators. Jen, Kate and Ty were walking around with their eyes popping out of their heads when they realized who all the people were. It was really fun and a neat experience for the kids. I hope they do it again next year!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

After-School-Snack by Candlelight?

Jenny and Tyler got home today right as a storm hit. (Tyler even asked the bus driver to pull right up to our house so he wouldn't get so wet. WHAT A NUT!) They ran in the house as fast as they could, and I decided today was probably a good day for hot, fresh chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven for an after-school-snack. We listened to the loud cracks of thunder and watched the rain pour down while the cookies baked. The power flashed off a few times during the storm and we wondered if we were going to loose our power. When they cookies were done, Tyler suggested that we light a candle and pretend that the power went out. Jenny pulled out some "campfire songs" and we sang a little "John Jacob Jinglehimer Schmit" while we ate our yummy snack. There's nothing like being a little crazy every once in a while!
There's something about a storm that just makes you want to snuggle up with those you love. It was fun!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Katy the Soccer Queen!

Katy played soccer again this year
and she absolutely loved it!
She is one amazing player. She is so aggressive . . . she just gets in there and attacks. We've decided she must have gotten it from her Aunt Jamie!

After game Cheer with Coach Nick Rhineer!
Thanks Coach!
Shaking hands with the other team!
Five of the Eight kids on her team after the final game!
Sophie and Katy!
This is Katy's cute friend Sophie. They had so much fun playing together on the same team this year. We can't wait for next season!

Nothing Like Family Night!

There's nothing like family night! Especially when . . .
. . . it starts off with Bret and I going for a walk around the block
. . . it's one of the first warm Spring/Summer nights of the year
. . . the kids did the dishes after dinner
. . . Bret starts the night off with a baseball game in the front yard
. . . then Bret starts singing our family night song
AND conducts the lesson on prayer with Ty
Spring is in the Air!

Big hit for Ty!
Bret going for the Ball to get Ty out!
Jenny's big Hit!
Kate's big Hit!
And Shawn hangin' by his favorite person in the world.
What would he do without his Mommy?
No one knows!