Monday, May 5, 2008

Katy the Soccer Queen!

Katy played soccer again this year
and she absolutely loved it!
She is one amazing player. She is so aggressive . . . she just gets in there and attacks. We've decided she must have gotten it from her Aunt Jamie!

After game Cheer with Coach Nick Rhineer!
Thanks Coach!
Shaking hands with the other team!
Five of the Eight kids on her team after the final game!
Sophie and Katy!
This is Katy's cute friend Sophie. They had so much fun playing together on the same team this year. We can't wait for next season!


Kelly said...

I wish I could have come to watch and Cheer you on Katy! Im sure you were AMAZING! I think you might get a little of your talent from you Aunt Kelly too. I did take Jamie down one time in many years ago.. go head ask your Mom and Dad about Im sure they remember it! Love you guys!

Kelly said...

Ok so I need to read my posts before I send them. I took Jamie down many years ago. Ask your Mom and Dad about it... Im SURE they will remember it!
(Hope that helps!)

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

heaps of love said...

oh beanna im so glad they say you take after you aunt jamie, cuz your the toughest little cookie. wish i could have seen you play, mabey you could come over to my house one night and show me all your moves. i love you.
and kelly the take down was a pitty one it was planned to happen, there you have it.

Kim said...

If there was an aunt you would want to to take after your aunt Kim isn't so bad either. You look so cute in your soccer gear! Abbie's first game is this Saturday and she is so excited. You will have to come over and teach her a thing or two and you can play together in our yard.

Gwen said...

Katy, let's have a socccer game the next time we have dinner at Wallsburg and you can teach us all a thing or two. Then you can help us and we will all try and take Jamie down. Grandpa and I love you and we are so proud of you!

ktb said...

I love that you named your daughter Katy and you even spelled it right! Now you just need to name one Birgithe!