Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween 2009

The kids were so excited to take off this morning. They were dressed in a flash and out the door before I knew it. They were all so excited about their costumes and couldn't wait for the Halloween parties at school. Here are few pictures of each of them with some friends!
Jenny and her friends decided they wanted to be Hippy Ballerinas this year. All of us moms weren't sure what that meant exactly, but we went with it and I think they all turned out darling! Jenny got to tie-dye her shirt all by herself (which was something we had never done before) and she made her own Tutu. She was excited!
Tyler took forever to decide what he wanted to be this year. About three days ago his eyes finally sparkled when we said, "How about a Grandma?!" He couldn't wait! When he got to school this morning, he found out one of his friends was a Grandpa and their clothes even matched! It turned out pretty awesome considering we didn't plan it.

Katy's costume was probably the funnest for me this year. We found a picture of Lego online and Katy was sold. She knew she wanted to be a RED one. I had so much fun in Katy's class this morning. As I helped with some fun games, it was so fun to talk to each of the kids about what they were dressed as. I really don't love Halloween . . . But there is something magical about it for kids. Nothing funner then dressing up!

And this is Mr. Halloween himself. We lucked out this year and actually got a costume on him. For weeks he's been talking about how he was going to be a pumpkin and couldn't wait. And no matter how bad he's sweating, he won't let me take his hood/stem off for anything. He has had a lot of fun so far and can't wait for "Trick or Treating"!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sign of a True-Blue Cougar fan!

Well, today was the big day!
Jenny got braces!
We took this picture before we went in for her appointment . . .
And we took this one an hour later when her braces were finally on! And if you look closely you will notice that she chose Blue and White bands. . . for BYU! (of course)
I love you, Jen!
You have a beautiful smile!