Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

The day started out with a movie. We've been watching the first 3 Mission Impossible shows with Jenny and Tyler the last 3 nights late . . . we couldn't help but see the new one on day 4 . . . and it was awesome! We all loved it!We left early so we could get good seats and it paid off. We were the only ones in the theater when we arrived. It gave us time to practice our "IMF" skills and crazy faces . . .

After the show we headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner at 4pm. It was a little early but we were all starving. We thought we would walk in and eat but it was packed and absolutely crazy.

After waiting 40 minutes for our 15 minute wait Bret finally called it and we headed to Carrabba's. You can never go wrong with that choice . . . It was heavenly!
After a few bites of his spaghetti . . . Shawn had a taste of Bret's Sirloin Marsala and he was in heaven. He gave it a thumbs up . . .
But a thumbs down on the broccoli.
Jenny headed to a party later with some friends and we hung out and had Wii competitions. We're excited and ready for the new year to come.