Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vegas Trip!

It was time for Bret's monthly meetings in Las Vegas.
So . . . since the kids didn't have school . . .
we decided to tag along!
We swam, ate out every night,
swam some more, watched movies,
took care of Tyler and Katy when they had the barfs,
swam a little more, went to Circus~Circus
and hit the Cheesecake Factory!!!
Boy was it fun!

On the Frogger ride at Circus~Circus!

Bret and I were a little worried
about loosing someone in all the Vegas shuffle . . .
so we made the kids follow each other
in a train the whole time we were there.
Bret was in the lead and I took up the tail end.



Airplanes! What more could you ask for?

We couldn't leave the big city without hitting
The Cheesecake Factory!
We had a little Lettuce Wraps,
Herb Crusted Salmon,
Steak Medallions,
Bowtie Pasta,
Pizza and of course . . .

Thank you Dad for inviting us

to come along!

We are so lucky to have you.

Neighborhood Water Fight

There is nothing funner
than a good ol'
neighborhood water fight!
First, they split up into 2 teams --
Then they
prepared their water balloons
for launching.

~ Team 1 with Jenny and friends~

~Team 2 with Katy, Tyler and friends~

Katy was a little disappointed
that her team didn't have
half as many balloons as the other team.


GET SET . . .


I think they all had a BLAST!

Even Shawn had front row seats!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bean Museum

Another Field Trip Day Update!
We went to the Bean Museum
and boy was it fun!

After we checked out a few of these animals
and took some pictures,
Jenny begged and begged to take some of her own pictures.
I finally gave in and let her run with the camera.
The following are a FEW
of the pictures that came back!

I'm not sure who she is . . .
but at least Beana still made it in the picture!

. . . or this little girl!

But the kids had tons of fun!
There's nothing like animals!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sundance Field Trip

Our first family field trip
this summer was going up to
Sundance for a picnic!

As soon as we sat down to eat,
we saw a deer walk by about 20 feet away,
a squirrel ran up the tree we were sitting under,
and another squirrel poked his head out
from the deck behind us to say hello.
It wasn't long beforeJenny declared,

But after walking around, and doing a little exploring,

Jenny realized it wasn't so "bad".

She even commented that it was a lot like Wallsburg!

We loved it! It was a beautiful day!

Shawn even agreed by giving us
some funny faces!

. . . and lately we can't take pictures
with out a funny one . . .

I showed the kids where Bret and I
had our big wedding dinner,
we played in the water, and hiked the trails.
It was a fun day to be in the mountains all together!