Friday, June 22, 2007

Bean Museum

Another Field Trip Day Update!
We went to the Bean Museum
and boy was it fun!

After we checked out a few of these animals
and took some pictures,
Jenny begged and begged to take some of her own pictures.
I finally gave in and let her run with the camera.
The following are a FEW
of the pictures that came back!

I'm not sure who she is . . .
but at least Beana still made it in the picture!

. . . or this little girl!

But the kids had tons of fun!
There's nothing like animals!


Kelly said...

Yea-hau... More from the Clarks! Oh boy will Kade ever love this blog. I'll show him 1st thing in the morning. Love your photos Jen. You all look so Cute and Clever! One more week Baby!

heaps of love said...

wow katie is quite the poser we might need to check her into some moddeling classes. adn nicole when the other kids sneack in the photos kick them right out. it looks like fun dax wiould love to see all those animals

Kim said...

Another fun filled day planned by the wondermom. Glad you are having such a fun summer.