Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Magic of Time

This post is dedicated to my dear Jenny for encouraging me daily to keep blogging.

It's 8:30am. Tyler just took off on his bike for school, Katy is still curled up in bed and Shawn is in a continuous morning giggle with Bret in my bed. Jenny quietly, and very sneaky-like, closes the door to my room so I can sneek out the front door. We're headed to the Orthodontist for a new retainer that was lost in the waves at Laguna Beach.

As the front door closes behind us, Jenny says, "Mom, you forgot your shoes!" I'm holding them along with my sweatshirt because I had to get out quick before Shawn would see ( the unbelievable love of a 2-year-old for his mom. . . ).

We climb in the frost covered car. Jenny's sitting next to me and she grins as she comments that she's got seat warmers under her bum. She has recently come to think that she is old enough to sit in the front seat with me. I reluctantly don't refuse because I secretly love having her by my side. I start up the car and then finish getting ready with my shoes and sweatshirt.

That's when I turn to Jenny and plead, "Come on! Just stay home with me . . . let's do home school. Then we can play every day." She smiles like she always does when I say this and playing along says, "That would be fun, Mom".

At this moment, my heart swells with love for my Jenny. And I see how the magic of time has changed Jenny to not only being my little buddy but also my friend.

When I reflect on my life and how quickly time goes by, I see how important it is to "find joy in the journey—now" (President Monson). My kids are growing up so fast that it almost breaks my heart. Each moment counts for so much.
As we pulled into the school parking lot, I was sad as I watched Jenny gather her things and flip her backpack onto her back. I really could have gone for a sluff day. But it makes me smile to see that I found joy in something so simple. And I pray that these moments will come again and again.
I love you Jen! :)