Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School 2011-12

It came too quickly, but we're excited and ready. Jenny technically doesn't start until tomorrow but was asked to help with leadership for the new 7th graders today. So she was up and ready . . . excited to help. Tyler was up and ready with a smile on his face. He was excited to have me walk with him to school. He got to class about 10 seconds late and his teacher (which is the same teacher as last year) started teasing him about starting the year off being tardy. He just said it was his mom's fault . . . I was walking too slow. She laughed . . . Katy was up early enough to spend a few minutes with our new dog. She had to hold her for a minute and then she was ready to eat and jump in the shower. Her cute friend Julia stopped by to pick her up on her bike and Katy was off to get hers. I asked Katy if she wanted me to come with her since it was her first day, but she just said no. She was excited to go with Jules . . . they are cute friends. Tyler reassured me that he would go slow enough on his trike so he could stay with me as I walked . . . I love watching their different personalities on the first day of school.After I dropped Tyler off in his class I ran down to check on Katy. Probably just for a little reassurance for me . . . make sure she got there okay and to see if she was alright. She looked happy and confident . . no nerves on that girl this year. She's getting older and ready for a new year. She barely waved when she saw me peek through the door. I love her.

I've got a new excitement for this year at school. I think it's going to be a good one . . .

  • Jenny is going to be busy with Student Government, and her classes are going to be a little harder then they were last year. She's excited for basketball and can't wait to see all her friends everyday.

  • Tyler is the oldest in the school and he's going to be a leader. When I headed out the door from checking on Katy, Tyler was standing right there. Ms. Dennis had asked him to run the lunch money down to the office. It's good to know she trusts him and can count on him to get a job done.

  • Katy's moving up to be one of the "big ones" at school now. She's ready to get back into soccer and basketball this year . . . no more gymnastics. She loves her new dog and wants to help take care of it.

  • Shawn's going back to Miss Angie's for another year of reading and fun field trips. I don't know what I'm going to do next year when he takes off for the big school. I can't think about it . . . I'm loving the moments we're in now because we're healthy and happy and ready for the next phase of life.

We love you all!

Happy New School Year 2011-12!