Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vegas Trip!

It was time for Bret's monthly meetings in Las Vegas.
So . . . since the kids didn't have school . . .
we decided to tag along!
We swam, ate out every night,
swam some more, watched movies,
took care of Tyler and Katy when they had the barfs,
swam a little more, went to Circus~Circus
and hit the Cheesecake Factory!!!
Boy was it fun!

On the Frogger ride at Circus~Circus!

Bret and I were a little worried
about loosing someone in all the Vegas shuffle . . .
so we made the kids follow each other
in a train the whole time we were there.
Bret was in the lead and I took up the tail end.



Airplanes! What more could you ask for?

We couldn't leave the big city without hitting
The Cheesecake Factory!
We had a little Lettuce Wraps,
Herb Crusted Salmon,
Steak Medallions,
Bowtie Pasta,
Pizza and of course . . .

Thank you Dad for inviting us

to come along!

We are so lucky to have you.


heaps of love said...

i lov vegas!!! and can circus circus be beat i dont think so. what a fun trip wish i could have been there, mabey we can all hit it on our way to cali.

Kim said...

I'm glad you guys had so much fun. It looked like a party. Did Bret buy donuts for the nightly room parties? I'm sorry Ty & Katy were sick!!!

Kelly said...

looks like a Party! Can't beat the Sun,Cheesecake,and the Barfs!What a wild combination! Love seeing all the fun you had. Loved being with you all over the 4th. We are going to have to get some real Jenny time in. That was my girls biggest regret about the trip not being with her enough! I guess thats what happens when you have 2 familys to spend time with and several of the days haivng the barfs. And ooooodles of time on the road driving up and down from Walsburg to Alpine. Delightful! cant wait to be with you again... Love ya