Monday, May 5, 2008

Nothing Like Family Night!

There's nothing like family night! Especially when . . .
. . . it starts off with Bret and I going for a walk around the block
. . . it's one of the first warm Spring/Summer nights of the year
. . . the kids did the dishes after dinner
. . . Bret starts the night off with a baseball game in the front yard
. . . then Bret starts singing our family night song
AND conducts the lesson on prayer with Ty
Spring is in the Air!

Big hit for Ty!
Bret going for the Ball to get Ty out!
Jenny's big Hit!
Kate's big Hit!
And Shawn hangin' by his favorite person in the world.
What would he do without his Mommy?
No one knows!


Kelly said...

What a fun night! Sounds like Heaven! Love the action shots. I Loved seeing Bret in on the fun, and I can amagin Bret singing the FHE song! The kids look so big and Shawn is DARLING. Oh I don't know him and he doesn't know me... Break my heart!
I think I saw a For Sale sign. Any luck? Have you started on your new place? What fun times. We Love you and love seeing updates. Miss you

heaps of love said...

what a fab family night these warm nights are heaven. and shawn i dont blam you for wanting to be close to your mom she dose give the best back tickels

Kim said...

What Great parents! Emilee asked what we were doing for FHE when she got home from school on Monday. My reply was "you'll have to wait and see!" That means I don't know... I will have to pull something out of the air as soon as we all gather together and sit down to start. Maybe a fun game outside next week for the Miller family.

Gwen said...

Bret where does time go? It was just the other day you were playing T-Ball and now you are chasing your own kids to the bases. It looks like you still have the same moves. What a good looking family. Jenn we need you to take a picture of your mom, so we can see her spring do too. Happy nights.