Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ty's Basketball Season

Tyler has been playing basketball for the last several weeks. He has become one awesome player!
He takes the ball down the court like a pro
and he makes a basket almost every game.

Only one game left!
Shawn can't wait to get on that court too!
I sure love you Ty! You are one amazing boy! You are a good sport, team player, and you have been practicing so hard. You are a basketball star!



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Kim said...

DON'T CLICK ON THOSE WIERD COMMENTS THEY ARE A VIRUS! Ty, you are a star! I can't believe how tall you look. You and Max will have to play a little bball up at Wallsburg. We love you!

heaps of love said...

oh ty i can tell you have MAD SKILLS. im glad you got to play hoops, and little shawnny soon will be old enough to play 1 0n 1

Kelly said...

Ty.. I can tell you are the Super Star on the team. I wish I could come watch a game! Kade will be ready to play alittle hoops with the boys when we come home!
Tell the truth.. why so many wierdos? Scary!
We sure missed you Nick! Hope your family trip is fun! Excited to hear about your new home!

Gwen said...

Nicole and Bret, It is really me, and I am in Fat Cat City just looking at your blog and listing to your music. The thought under your first picture is perfect. I love all your pictures. . . cutest family ever. Tyler you will always be a star to me! Jenny you are the cutest dancing dipples I know. Kate you make me smile always and Shaun you are growing up to be the cutest little boy. I love Bret, that you took Tyler to the Jazz play off game! Nicole you are such a sweetheart, thanks for loving and caring for your awesome family!