Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Best Dad in the Whole Wide World

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful Dad!
We can't imagine what our lives would be like without him. (Jenny's sitting by me while I write this and she says, "Yeah we do, Mom. It would be boring!") I love her.
We love our Dad for so many things:
  • His jokes - Jenny
  • He takes us bowling - Katy
  • He comes to my Coach Pitch Games and helps me - Tyler
  • He helps us with our art projects at school - Jenny
  • He gives the best back tickles - Katy
  • He takes us to Nickle-Cade - Jenny

  • He smokes the best ribs - Jenny
  • He takes us to Jazz games - Jenny, Tyler
  • He takes us out for Ice Cream - Katy
  • He likes to watch T.V. shows with us like American Gladiators - Jenny
  • He likes to play XBOX/Star Wars with me - Tyler
  • He takes good care of us - Katy
  • He likes to play football in our yard - Jenny
  • He plays fun road games with me when we're driving to dance - Jenny
  • He is an amazing cook
  • He plays games with us - Katy
  • He goes on lunch dates while the kids are at school and every Saturday Night
  • He takes good care of our yard and home
  • He takes us out on the boat - Jenny, Katy
  • He gives great foot rubs
  • He wrestles with us - Jenny
  • He takes us for Four-Wheeler rides in Wallsburg - Katy
  • He loves the Food Network Channel
  • He likes to play in the waves with us at Laguna Beach - Jenny

  • He's funny - Jenny, Tyler
  • He makes yummy Peanut Butter Cups - Katy
  • He wrestles with me - Shawn
  • He takes us on Sunday Drives
  • He makes the kids do back, arm, feet, and leg Tickle Contests
  • He tells us to "get a good education" when he takes us to school - Jenny, Tyler
  • He asks me if I "Shook my Booty" EVERYTIME he picks me up from dance - Jenny
  • He loves us - Katy
  • He lets me help him fix up our Rentals - Tyler
  • I love to give him hugs and kisses -Shawn
  • He is honest
  • He is a hard worker
  • He's an amazing swimmer
  • He has a great sense of humor
  • He always looks for the good in things
  • He loves to read
  • He is patient with me
  • He honors his priesthood responsibilities
  • He dreams big
  • He is smart - He knows about everything
  • He provides a wonderful home for our family
  • He sets good goals and reaches high
  • He encourages us to do what is right
  • He's a good decision maker
  • He loves his wife
  • He is so handsome!
  • He is very generous and is always willing to help others.
We love you, Dad!
You are the Best!


heaps of love said...

you are a winner bert. my kids had a blast with you last night and all your races thanks for wearing them out.

Gwen said...

Bret, my eyes are wet and my heart is more than tender. Your pictures, and perfect music, and the comments from your family have touched me so. There is nothing in the world a mom could want more than for her son to be loved by his wife and children. I am so proud of you for all you accomplish, but even more for the love you show to your family. I am glad you are my boy!!!!
p.s. Nicole this was you best blog ever. The pictures are great!

Kymmie's Cakes said...

I love the third's perfect!

Kim said...

Bret is the BEST! He is such a great dad and husband. I have always been lucky to have him for my big brother! Lucy told me that she loved staying at Bret and Coles. She said "Bret says me Lucky and tickles me." She asked me last night if she could sleep at Katy's again. Thank you sooo MUCH for helping me! My kids loved every second of it and told me how good you were to all of them. They loved going to the library and their little picnic lunch. You are the best!!! Sorry Shawn if Lucy took all of your toys and bullied you around. She told me that she kept taking his toys. WE love you all so much!

McKinnley said...

You missed one!! He has the funniest face expressions!!