Sunday, July 26, 2009

What to do on a Saturday in July . . .

We've been talking all summer about going up to play in the fountains at the Gateway, so Saturday we finally went for it. We ended up staying for hours because the weather was perfect, Bret found us a great table with an umbrella for shade and of course . . . FOUNTAINS!!!
Shawn didn't let his big brother out of his sight.
He made sure he was only two steps behind.

Katy was a little hesitant at first . . .
. . . but before we knew it she was soaked!

We couldn't keep her out!

Jenny was (as Bret would say)
She hung out with Mom and Dad for awhile in the shade.

But it wasn't long before she was pulling everybody
into the water and getting soaked herself!

I don't think it will surprise anyone when I say that Tyler had the most fun putting cups over the fountains and watching them fly when the water blew.
Notice Tyler's cup in the air and how excited he was!
Shawn waiting for his cup to fly . . .
just like Tyler's.
Pretty soon everyone started taking breaks more often
and exclaiming how hungry they were.

Bret suddenly disappeared and the next thing we knew he was back with a bag full of
tacos, burritos and 3 huge Cokes!
It definitely hit the spot!

This is Katy "doin' the gangsta'". What a meatball!

Shawn was so tired after a while.
But he was so brave to just entertain himself
while the others still played in the water.

It was a super fun day!
It was good to be outside in the sun,
fun to do something different,
and great to all be together!


Kelly said...

What a Perfect way to spend your day! with Sunshine, Taco's Flying Cups, Cokes, Water fountains,and being all togeher! Sounds Heavenly! Jenny I think your swim suit is ADORABLE! Where did you get it? If your Cool your Cool! And I know your COOL! Ty you invented a New trick that will become a new tradition up at Gateway with the flying cups, next time you are up there and you see a kid doing that you can run over and tell him you came up with that game! Katy I knew you would be in running and playing in he water! Maizie can't wait to run and play with you.. and Shawn you are soo lucky to have Ty to follow around. He is so kind and will teach you so much! What Lucky Brothers! Bret nice taco shopping! I wish I could have had a bite with you and sip of your coke and for you Nic... I love your Happy smile! I am soooo excited to be with you all sooon. I think I might pull out the suitcase today and slowly begin the packing! woo whoo!

Gwen said...

Oh how I love the Clarks. This is my favorite blog of the Clarks children so far. I had such a fun week with your kids. They are such good kids!!! I think I lost my camera at the Rodeo, but I am still searching and hoping not,so my pictures of our week are a little slim. I always count any time with the family as a gift, so thank you for the gift! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

cheech said...

LOOKS LIKE A DAY I WOULD LOVE. can you beat tacos cookies and drinks all the while running threw fountains. gal d you had a blast, and jen you are too cool for school.