Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pack Meeting - Hike to Battlecreek Falls

It was a special Pack Meeting in our ward a couple weeks ago. We got to hike to Battlecreek Falls which is somewhere Bret and I have never heard of
let alone been there.
Before we started the big hike, Shawn worked on his big muscles and we listened while awards were given out for this last month's accomplishments.
Bret has been serving as Den leader for the Webelos den for the last several months. Each month he gets to stand up and award each of the boys for what they have been working on. I have loved watching him take such good care of these boys. He always puts his arms around them to show how proud he is of what they've been doing. And he ends each time with giving them a little kick in the pants. . . . Only Bret! The boys have absolutely loved having him for their leader. (We missed Sam in this picture above.) But we've been counting down the days for this Webelos den to get their newest Webelos member.

And we knew this new little boy was counting down the days to be with his Dad. Since Tyler just turned 10, ( Did I really just say 10?!) it was time for him to move up into the Webelos group. Bret helped Tyler with his new neckerchief and slide and Tyler was given a new book with new challenges to work on.

Just about a week after Tyler moved up into the Webelos Den, Bret got called to serve in the Elder's Quorum, so Tyler will have some new fun leaders. Tyler loves going to scouts so we know he will have fun no matter what! But hopefully Bret will keep up on his Webelos skills so he can help Ty at home.

Then we were off on our hike. The hike wasn't very far but it was a little steep. Bret hoisted Shawn up onto his shoulders and carried him the whole way. Shawn was mighty proud to be on his Dad's shoulders looking all around.

One of our dear friends, Christine, is one of the den leaders and she came on the hike with us. Just like us, she was little surprised by how steep it was. Bret was so kind to stay back with her to make sure she made it all the way safely. How did I get so lucky to have someone with such a big, kind heart!?

It wasn't long before we finally made it to the falls. And boy were we surprised to see how big it was. And to think we never knew . . . !

Off came the shoes and the climbing began. The mighty challenge was to cross the river to the other side . . . and boy was that water cold!

Once Tyler got over his nerves, he made it to the other side! He was so excited!

And it didn't surprise us to see Katy climbing trees on her way over.

For Shawn, the water was just little bit too cold for his little toes. . .

Bret surprised us with a stop at the Purple Turtle on the way home.

And Boy!, did those Oreo, cookie dough, and raspberry shakes taste awesome after that big hike!

Happy Day!


Kelly said...

I have LOVED the blog updates... I kind feel like I remember who you are! I am crying and can't see the letters to type... Bret you are One in a Million! Those boys were so Lucky to have you... I'm sure they are hoping for a kick in the pants on Sunday from you. So sad Ty doesn't get to have his Dad... and so sad for the family for not getting to head out on Fun scouting outings! You'll have to sign up your Mom and Dad Ty to help.
I Loved the photo of Bret and the Christine. First way to go for her for going... 2nd how Cute that Bret looked out for her! It kinda reminded me of the days back in 3rd grade when I went rollerskating with Craig Patrick and I carried the Dude around the rink all 60 lbs of me. The photo of Bret with Shawn on his shoulders is Priceless! Shome how that mini van keeps finding all the yummy ice cream shops I need to get me a car like that! Bret always did know how to have Fun!
We LOVE YOU... 2 more days Baby!

Kim said...

I love the new posts as well. What fun summer times as a family. I love to see Ty as a scout. It won't be long until he will be a missionary. He has the kind heart that his Dad does. We love you all and can't wait to get some good quality family time in. Love you!

JaMie HeApS said...

thats right only bret could get alway with a kick in the pants. looks like a fun hike i want to hit it some time, expecially if we get icecream after