Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Mom's 60th Birthday

My mom turned 60 this year so we celebrated with a little surprise dinner at her favorite restaurant . . . Los Hermanos! She thought she was just coming to be with our family but was surprised to see all her siblings there.
My uncle Larry and Aunt Cindy, Aunt Kerry
It took a little work but we got my cousin Chance to flash those new pearly whites for us.
My grandma Robinson, cousin Chelsea, and Aunt Leslie
Aunt Kerry and uncle Rory, Dad
Dad, Jen, and Mom
. . . and the rest of the crew

Kym and I spend the last 4 months working on a book with pictures from Mom and Dad's wedding, through our childhood to our current families. It was fun to present it to Mom and watch her look through it. I wish Kym wasn't so far away and could have been there with us.
You can't have a birthday at Los Hermanos and not have them sing the birthday song to you. Mom was a good sport and just a little shy :)

After working on the history of our family and looking through all the pictures of us together for the last few months, I noticed we were a little short on pictures of Mom with her siblings. So I took advantage of them all being together and snapped a few (wish Grandpa was still with us). It's fun to look at this picture and picture them all growing up together as a family.
I love this picture of my Mom with her arm around Grandma. They both look so beautiful. This side of my family has always stayed closed and connected and I'm grateful for the love we feel when we are together. There is nothing better than getting together with family.
Happy Birthday Mom!
We love you and are excited to see what the 60's bring for you.

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