Sunday, March 4, 2012

Riding Horses in January

Our good friends, the Jorgensens, invited us to go down and ride horses one Saturday in January. Katy was so excited she could hardly stand it. Unfortunately, Jenny and Tyler take a little more after their mom with a fear of horses. Jenny wasn't so sure about the whole idea and Tyler was absolutely against it. Shawn was just ready to come along for the ride.
Bret got Jenny to brush Jake as he and Paden got the saddles ready.Katy and Hannah got their helmets on and were so excited they couldn't stand it.
After a little encouragement (and maybe a little insisting), Jenny jumped on and rode all by herself. I was so proud of her. That's something I've never been brave enough to do. There's something about horses. They seem so big to me.
Paden climbed on and helped Shawn lead the horse by himself. Shawn was in heaven.
Tyler started out riding in the back but got enough courage to lead by himself later.
Katy and Hannah switched off back and forth leading. They had so much fun together.
By the end I was brave enough to climb on, but not without my sweetheart so I could hold on really tight. I knew he would take good care of me.
I was proud of all the kids for being so brave. Especially Jenny and Tyler for riding and leading by themselves. It was a little bit of a milestone for our family (especially for me).

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Gwen said...

Oh I love it!!! Hot Dog for all of you. Nicole I am amazed at your bravery. This summer I am bound and determined to ride a horse enough that I will fill confident that the kids can ride. There is something about the smell of horse, the sound of the leather on the saddle, and the hoof sounds, that I think is healing. We need to do a few rides this summer.