Sunday, March 4, 2012

Late Night Sledding

We've been a little bummed with such a mild winter this year since some of our coolest gifts for Christmas this year were new sleds. So when our first real snowfall that actually stuck to the ground came at 10:00 at night we had to get out there no matter the hour.
Bret and I got back late from our Saturday night date and told the kids to get their gear on . . . we were heading out to play in the snow while it lasted. Within minutes we were in the car and heading over to the school to try out the new sleds. We could tell they were going to be awesome but were ready for bigger hills. We loaded everything back up and headed to Rock Canyon Park to take on the big ones. We all had a blast. Nothing like sledding at midnight with all the college kids. It was a night to remember.
Shawn even took on the big hill by himself. He was in heaven . . . absolutely no fear.
I even took a spin on one of the sleds . . . screamed all the way down!

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Gwen said...

So glad you had a fun snow night. Maybe when we get home it will actually start to be winter in Utah. If so we want to come watch all the action. You all look happy!