Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Highlights (Last Week of School)

I really loved going to Jenny's end of year awards assembly. She and a bunch of her friends had been working on a dance to perform for it. She was 1 out of 4 in 7th grade who were invited to be in the 8th grade dance. She came home everyday so excited because she was working so hard to do her best. And it paid off because she was invited to be on the front row. She did awesome. I was proud of her. She's got the cutest body and she really knows how to shake it :)

I loved having the kids come running in from school with their yearbooks and plopping themselves down at the table to look at them. They studied every page and laughed and commented about everything to each other. . . sharing stories and "remember whens. . . "

It was our first year doing the Hershey track meet and Katy was old enough to participate. She ran her heart out and qualified for district. She may have found something new she loves. It was a beautiful day to spend 3 hours at a track meet . . . perfect weather!

It was so late when we got done at the track meet . . . Bret surprised us with a quick trip for a smothered burrito . . . it was heavenly.

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