Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friday Highlight (Last Week of School)

Shawn's preschool graduation

Watching his cute face up on the stage while he sang and did his part.

"We're ready to gwaduate. We've waited so Yong (long)."

I loved asking Shawn if he wanted a little bit of a granola bar before the program started. He lifted his fingers up slightly and whispered, "Save it for Yater(later)" and then just sat there like a statue waiting for the program to start.

Watching him walk with his cap and gown to get his diploma

Thinking about how much I love Miss Angie . . . She has been the best preschool teacher for our family

Watching Shawn's eyes light up when he saw each of his Grandma's come walking in. He sure loves each one of them.

It was kind of crazy watching Shawn graduate . . . thinking he is my last one. I'm just so glad I get one more year with him.


Kelly said...

Oh what a happy week! Looks like everyone had a great time~! I love Shawn and grandmas pic. He looks so proud and grown up! We are shooting for our last week next week and oh am I excited! I feel your pain about Shawn growning up so fast.. I am happy but so sad to think Madison will be in jr. high.. and how big they are all getting. Life is going by way to fast! WE love you clark family have a wonderful summer and we are counting down the day until we get to see you! keep posting your summer fun!

Gwen said...

My favorite message on my answering machine is when Shawn said he missed me. I am always missing him. He is such a tender heart. So handsome at graduation. So smart. . . .and "It really does matter." Shawn you always make me smile. I love you! Nicole you are one great mom. You looked so pretty at the wedding. We loved sitting with you for awhile. Thank you for the yummy salad tonight and the cup cakes. It felt so good to just sit outside and let the kids play. Yahoo for summer. I love you Nicole.