Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School

We woke up on Monday and dreaded that school was going to start the next day. We wanted to do something fun before it all started up again and we were back into homework, schedules, sports, and bedtimes. So we jumped in the car and headed to a movie.
We had heard so many good things about "Despicable Me", so we had to give it a shot. Everyone pretty much loved it except Dad. It wasn't his favorite.
As we walked out of the movie theater, we saw this Hurricane Simulator and the kids were dying to give it a try. You stand inside and it starts blowing wind on you. It starts out blowing slowly and then gradually increases to close to 76 mph. This pictures is when they were just getting started. You can see in the background the speedometer says 32 mph or so. I love that Tyler is covering his ears. That is so Classic Tyler!
This pictures was when it was close to the maximum speed. It was blowing about 76.7mph? Let's just say everyone had some pretty messy hair when they got out . . . except Tyler of course.
The next morning we were ready for school to start. Jenny was both nervous and excited to go to Dixon this year. We had gone down to the school two different times to walk around and pay fees. So she felt like she was ready and she knew where everything was. To add to the excitement and pressure of it all . . . They had school pictures on the first day. She woke up extra early to do her hair and be ready in time to catch the bus.
She came up for breakfast all ready and looked absolutely darling! (I especially love those beautiful teeth in braces.) I can't believe she's old enough to go to Junior High! Where does the time go?
The 7th graders were the only ones that had to go to school the first day (no 8th graders). So I walked over to the bus stop with her because there aren't any other 7th graders in our ward. We had talked to some kids about where the bus stop was and we were ready. We knew right where to go. One of Jenny's cute friends, Meg, came down to meet us. After waiting for a good 20 minutes, we saw the bus coming, and then it turn onto a different street and was gone. We were at the wrong stop. So we headed home, jumped in the car and I ran them down to the school before it started.

Tyler and Katy were up bright and early. The next wave of excitement was in the air. Since everything was so crazy with Jenny earlier, by the time I got back to help Katy with her hair it was a little late. Tyler was getting nervous that he was going to be late and wasn't too thrilled about stopping for pictures. But we managed to sneak in a couple really fast. Tyler was excited but a little nervous this year too. After meeting his teacher the night before, she seemed a little scary and he wasn't sure what to think. But after going a couple days, he's gotten to like her more and more, and we think he's going to live! Katy was so excited to get started this year. After meeting her teacher the night before, Katy knew that she was super nice and she couldn't wait. She didn't look like she had a nervous bone in her body. Which, for Katy, was a miracle.
Shawn wasn't too excited about all his buddies taking off early in the morning with out him. He tried all summer to talk Katy into going to his school with him this year. I kept hearing him say, "But it's going to be wheelwee, wheelwee fun!" They are the cutest friends.
But when I reminded him that it's just me and him now, he was all over that! Just a few more weeks and he'll be starting preschool at Miss Angie's. He can't wait! The only thing that would make it better would be if Katy could come with him.


Kim said...

What a fun time of year! You all look so cute and happy. Jenny you look SOO stinkin' cute for your first day of the big Jr. High. I swear I was just walking down those halls. Do they still sell yummy cookies at lunch? I hope you are loving it. Ty, I'm glad you are getting to school on time. Max is all about that too. You look so tall and handsome. Katy, I love your big smile. I bet you have a million friends. And Shawn I saw how much fun your mom was at Laguna. SHe will keep you so entertained and happy. Can't wait to hear how Miss Angies is. Love you all!

kymzum3 said...

Back to school already? Wow! Jen you are too cute! I can't believe you are staring Junior High. How fun! Ty and Katy you are looking might fine in your school digs. Shawny I love your smile! Missing you all soooo much!!!

Gwen said...

The fun of back to school! I love it.Learn all you can everyone. Read like you are hungry. You guys are beautiful in your back to school duds. Nicole I like your new blog format. Happy Birthday Katy Love!

JaMie HeApS said...

jenny you look so cute i think the extra early wake up tottaly paid off, those curls look top notch. i cant belive your at dixon what fun time you haave in front of you. ty bo you look handsom and i bet your teach is going to be blown away with how smart you are. beana i bet everyone is gunn love your new earings you look so cute and ready to show the boys a thing or too on the play ground. shawny grady feels your pain... at least you get your mom all to yourself.