Saturday, September 4, 2010

Katy's Baptism Day!

Today was one of the best days! Katy got baptized and it was perfect. She is such beautiful little girl. I'm so proud to be her mom.

It was so much fun getting everything ready for the big day. Katy and I went on a little date together to pick out some new scriptures and shop for a white baptism dress. She talked so fast about so many fun things. She couldn't wait to tell me about it all. She has such a happy spirit about her. She's so excited about life and brings such a happy spirit to our home.

We realized that Katy would be getting baptized in the same church and font as Bret did when he turned 8. So we took a picture of the two of them out in front of the church house just like Bret did when he was little.There were so many people there helping us get ready. I told her that she would wear a little jumpsuit for the baptism so she wouldn't be surprised when we got there. I told her they were better then a dress because then when you stepped down into the water you wouldn't have to worry about your dress coming up. Well, surprise to us . . . they had a bunch of cute little dressed for her to pick from and no jumpsuits. So after a little back tracking on what I had told her before. . . she was so brave about it and trusted that everything would be okay. We found her a dress that would fit just right, and I helped her put it on. She was a little worried about needing a slip, but we discovered that the dress had some extra lining in it so she was safe. And it all worked out in the end. Phew!

Everyone in our family was so excited for Katy's big day. They all helped so much with getting ready, and Shawn couldn't wait for Katy to get "baa-batized".
Afterward, we had everyone come over for a yummy lunch. Bret smoked some ribs for the big day since it's one of Katy's favorites. We had watermelon, corn on the cob, salad, bread and some yummy cookies to top it off.
We decorated the tables outside with stars and lots of pictures of Katy.
We were lucky to have so many people come and support her.
Grandma and Grandpa Clark . . .

Grandma and Grandpa Z . . .
and both of her great-grandmas!
Great-Grandma Robinson

and Great-Grandma Bowden

We felt so much love that day when we saw how many friends, ward members and family came to support Katy. She is one loved girl. We are so proud of her choice to be baptized.


Gwen said...

Oh that was the most perfect day. Thank you for letting us share it with you! Katy in her cowboy hat will be a memory I will never forget. The pictures are great, especially the ones with the great grandmas. We saw Inception yesterday and it is making me think of the different layers of strong women. Women in a family bring strength to each other, and each generation builds on that strength and gets better. It will be fun to all be the same age in heaven and be the best friends forever. I loved Katy's adorable smile, Shawn's swinging hips, the yummy food, the beautiful day, the made with love scripture bags, the shady table in the back yard and cookies to die for. Happy fall days dear Clarks. You are my happy dreams.

Traci said...

What a great day, with such a great little girl! Congratulations Katy and to Nicole and Brett for doing such an amazing job! You are such fun parents, my kids love being at your house! It is all happy, teasing love!

Kelly said...

Katy.. I can't believe you are 8 already. It seems like just yesterday I was standing in front of that church with my Dad (grandpa) getting my pic taken for my Baptism. I heard many details from everyone about how wonderful your day was. The yummy food and how darling you looked! I love the pic of you in the cowgirl hat. I hope you know how sad we were that we weren't able to join you on your big day: but don't forget how much the Thompson family loves you!

I don't know how but I missed so many of your most recent posts... CRAZY! Loved scrolling through and seeing all the fun you have had. We Certianly have missed out not being able to spend a lil time with the Clark family this summer!

Hope life is good for you all. We Miss you MORE THAN YOU KNOW~! Boo-Hoo! Happy school days, happy fall! xoxoxo

Kelly said...

Im wondering where the Thankful post went. I got back on to post a comment and it is GONE. I was sooo excited to see a new post. I hope you keep them rolling!