Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Only So Many More . . .

Last night Jenny was online checking her email and looking up new blog posts. Tyler eagerly watched over her shoulder and Katy glanced at the screen each time she "bounced" in and out of the room. Shawn pulled a chair right up next to Jen and began to insist, "It's my turn Nenny! I want to play Dragon Tales!" After telling Shawn that it wasn't time for Dragon Tales, Jenny continued looking and reading.

The scene continued on the same for awhile with Shawn demanding his turn every couple of minutes. When he realized he wasn't getting what he wanted and couldn't take it any longer, Shawn reached up and pinched Jenny's nose demanding that it was his turn. Jenny screamed out in pain and ran to the bathroom with a bloody nose.

Needless to say, Shawn was sent to time out.

As time continues to move our family forward, the dynamics of our home are changing a little more each day. My older kids each take turns checking their emails. They post big events on their own blogs. And my little 3-year-old needs his fair share of time on the computer.

Knowing that I'm only going to have a 3-year-old in my house for just a little bit longer . . . Knowing that there's not going to be another little one to take his place . . . I have really enjoyed all the little moments of having a 3-year-old at home. It's just me and my baby boy for only a short time longer.. . . no school or extra activities to interfere. I love experiencing all the funny faces, cute words, laugher, tight hugs, bursts of energy and even tears.

So when he was sent to the corner and told to fold his arms and not move, I couldn't help but smile when after 3 full minutes he was still facing the wall with his arms folded, eyes down, and lower lip sticking out just enough to show he was sad. Because I knew these moments are only going to last for so long and then they will be gone.


Kim said...

I totally know those feelings! You just want to hold on to every second with the last one. I am impressed that he made it the full 3 minutes. Lucy has a hard time sitting still for 30 seconds. What an adorable obedient child. I love him!

Prime Time Real Estate said...

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