Sunday, February 28, 2010

100th Day of School

One thing I love about 1st grade is how they always celebrate the 100th day of School! I volunteered this year to help with Katy's 100th day party and boy was it fun!
When Shawn and I first got there, they were sitting at the carpet listening to Mrs. Spadafora give them instructions about the activities they were going to do.
This is Katy with one of her cute friends, Megan, playing a 100's game!

As soon as we got there, Shawn immediately ran to the book shelf and started pulling out all the books that he recognized. He sat himself down by us and started reading his favorites. This is him reading, "Snowmen at Christmas".

After awhile he got bored and was becoming impatient. Mrs. Spadafora grabbed a bucket of dinosaurs and put them in front of Shawn and another little brother.
Shawn was in HEAVEN!

But once Shawn saw that it was Katy's turn to make a Fruit Loop necklace, he was not going to miss out on that for a second. Katy was so cute with him. She pulled a chair right up next to her and started showing Shawn how to thread the fruit loops onto the string. She didn't complain once that it was her necklace and not his.

Of course, once the necklace was done Shawn wanted to put it on. Katy didn't hesitate and helped him slip it over his head. He was so proud to be wearing the necklace, and I was so proud of my Katy for being so selfless and caring for her brother.
I love you Kate! You are amazing!


Tyler said...

I wish my class did that.

Kim said...

We love celebrating the 100th day too! Kate you are one of a kind! When I take my little ones to help in a class they tear the place apart and cause trouble. No not Shawn. He just sits down and reads very quietly. Looks like a fun party. I love to see the pictures and remember back to being at the school back in the good old days. I love Westridge! I love the Clarks!

Gwen said...

Katy, I love you too! Shawn will always be lucky to have you for a sister! One of my favorite times was coming to your School Program and peeking in on your class room. Your hair cut is the very cutest!!!! You look like your Mom. Thanks for loving Shawn and the rest of your family too! I love-a-love-a-you! I want to come by and have you show me your new chickens!! I think you should name one Gilbert. OXOXO Grandma