Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Katy and Her Teeth

I'm slowly figuring out that my kids inherited some funky mouths. Putting Bret and I together resulted in little mouths with BIG teeth. When it happened to Jenny I just thought, "Man, she got screwed." But now that Tyler and Katy are experiencing the same problem, I realize that it's all coming our way.
When my kids have a permanent tooth that's ready to come in, they have to lose 2 baby ones in order to make room. And what usually happens is the permanent teeth start coming up behind the other ones because the second baby tooth doesn't know it needs to come out!
Well, Katy has probably had the problem worst of all. She has had 3 permanents come in without even starting to loosen the babies. And she is not the bravest about it. (Which surprises me, by the way.) I can't stand wiggly teeth so the kids are basically on their own(or we pay a special visit to Grandma Clark's -- she loves wiggling teeth). Bret on the other hand is determined to get them out of there and not pay $50 a tooth to have them pulled.
Well this last time, Katy was really sneaky about having another loose tooth because she didn't want Bret to wiggle it. She hadn't eaten very good for days because she couldn't and her smile was non-existent. She even hid the Orajel(numbing gel) from Bret because she didn't want him to use it while he did a little wiggle-wiggle. But it got to the point where the tooth was literally hanging out because it was so loose. Bret couldn't stand it, and he was bound and determined to get it out.
I headed downstairs one night to tuck everyone in bed, and I found Bret lying on Katy's bed with her all tucked in and telling stories.
After telling the story for a minute (and earning some trust) Bret got to wiggle the tooth a little bit. Sometimes she was brave and was a good sport . . .
. . . Other times she would scream and fight because she didn't want him to touch it. Then after a few minutes she would be calm again and listen to another part of the story. It was so cute to find Bret with her, all curled up in her bed, trying to help her get that tooth out! These two are quite a pair.

As you can see, Bret was successful. My Katy is back and she's eating again. There's nothing better then seeing Katy's smile back.

And the tooth fairy even came that night. (It's a miracle!)


ktb said...

I'm glad you spell her name right!

Kim said...

I hate the teeth fight too. Why is it so hard to just let us get the thing out- I know it feels so much better. Em has a permnant one coming behind a baby one right now and it is driving me crazy. Who needs a dentist when you got me? Katy you look so cute. Losing teeth makes them look so grown up. Now we are trying to get through the pain of teeth coming in with Jayne. They are killing her. The Joys!

JaMie HeApS said...

katie you are one tough cookie, i hope the tooth fairy brought aome amzing amount for all the hasle