Friday, March 5, 2010

6 Inches of Snow?

Well these little guys started popping out of the ground about a week ago. We were so excited. We had a few days of upper 50's with sun, and we could almost smell Spring in the air. But then the kids came home from school yesterday, on their bikes, and by the time they got to the house they were soaked. It was snowing so hard, and it was wet snow! I told them it was crazy but it would never stick - It's March for heaven's sake! Well, little did we know - IT STUCK! 6 Inches Stuck! We went to bed with no snow and woke up to this!
Shawn was stoked! The first thing he said to me was, "Can we build a snowman?" He has been so excited about snowmen this winter, and I kept telling him we would build one. But we never did. So we pulled out the boxes and got out our winter clothes.
Shawn knew exactly what we needed for the snowman. I must have heard him say, "We need a carrot" about 100 times. As soon as I pulled one out of the fridge, he was showing me where we needed to put the carrot.
"It's a nose, Mom, it's a Snowman's nose."
The snow was really heavy and wet, but before long we had our little snowman made. I tried to just do the bare minimum with all the details, but Shawn wasn't about to have that.
"He needs a mouth, Mom"
"What about his hat?"
"Where's his arms?"
"He needs some buttons . . ."
He sure is one cute kid!
The best part was watching him stand back and look at the finished product. He was so proud to see what we had made. I would have to say we were pretty lucky to get this storm. And by the afternoon, the snowman had melted so much that he started tipping over and his head fell off. Thank heavens it's March!


jamie heaps said...

you know what that means, times to visit the heaps and play in the sun

Zcook said...

My second most favorite part of your blog is the Rainbow song playing over and over as I work at the computer. :)

Granpa Z

Kelly said...

Oh... the snow man is cute! The Mom is Beautiful and lil Shawn is Adorable! I loved seeing the flowers peeking through... we spotted a few yesterday! I was thrilled I thought we were in for several more months of snow... fingers crossed we both get spring... soon real soon!
Love you all!

Gwen said...

Nic, I am glad you are the mom to that cute little Shnaaa. . . How in the heck would you spell it? He will remember the fun day with his fun mom. I love Shawn and his foxy Mom. Nic, I got my audio copy of the Help, do you still want it? I will bring it down.