Saturday, April 10, 2010

Super MOM turns 36!

On Monday Nicole turned 36 years old. We love her SOOOOO much!



Gwen said...

Yes Nicole you are a super mom!!! Love the fancy glasses. I have been thinking about you all in Vegas this last week. I hope you had a blast! Hope the weather was warm and the swimming pool was warm, and your food yummy. Did you ever get any song singing at any restaurants? Did they make you sit on a saddle? Dad and I love you Nic! You are the best thing that ever happened to Bret! We love your happy spirit that spreads to all our family. You really aren't closer to 50! Happy Birthday!

Zcook said...

36 and still cute! (I'm biased.)

I favorite part is still the Rainbow song, although Sparky is getting tired of me playing it over and over.

Kim said...

I love you Nic! I hope you were treated like a queen all week! So glad to have you in our family! I love you.

Kelly said...

Nicki... Happy Birthday!

I sure LOVE YOU! I Love that Happy Smile of yours! Shawn and the rest of that Clark Clan is sooo Lucky to have you as Mom! I count myself so Lucky to call you Sister and Friend!

Happy to hear you were able to go Celebrate for your Birthday! Just a what a Mother ought to do on her Special day!

Love You!