Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Break 2012 - Las Vegas!

The weather got cold so we decided day 3 would be the best for going to the temple. Jenny and Tyler brought their recommends from home so we headed off to do Baptisms for the Dead. We were the only ones there. They had to find people to come down to the baptistry to help us which was really different from our experiences in the Provo Temple. It was neat to be in the Las Vegas temple together. We only wish Katy and Shawn could have done some with us.
Bret took Katy and Shawn to the Nellis Air Force base to watch the F16 jets take off while we were at the temple. One of the sisters in the temple told me I could bring Katy and Shawn in and through the lobby and out to the small garden/courtyard area in the middle of the temple. Katy was especially excited to actually walk into the temple. She had just said that morning that she couldn't wait until she turned 12 and could go with us. This is a picture of the kids in the courtyard together. This might be one of my favorites. I love that we were all together "in" the temple.
The wind was still blowing like crazy after the temple, so we headed down to show the kids the Hoover Dam. The whole time we were driving down there (and while we were there) the kids had a blast cracking Dam jokes. "I need to use the Dam bathroom" , "I would like a Dam picture" "Let's find the Dam Escalator, Dam stairs", "I see the Dam road", "Dam tourists, Dam sign, etc" I think Tyler was the most creative and got the biggest kick out of it. But they all thought they were so funny. Nothing like a little rebellion.
Looking over the edge made me crazy. I had to hold on to Shawn because I felt safer that way. When I think of it now I still get the "willie's". This is a picture of us standing on the dam with the new overpass bridge behind.
Afterward we headed to dinner and then back to the room for an American Idol party. We painted finger and toe nails and guessed who would be the next American Idol to be eliminated.
Stay tuned for our last day. . . It may have been the highlight of the trip.


Kelly said...

Looks like the perfect vacation. How in the world do we have 2 old enough to be in the temple? Crazy! Xo

Gwen said...

Love those Clarks!!!! Cute pictures! I miss you all! It is almost summer and I am planning a mighty fun kids camp during your girl's camp. Happy days at the end of school. I must catch up on all the activities. See you soon I hope! I am lonely for some hugs.