Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Break 2012 - LAS VEGAS!

At the end of the first day we decided to try something new we haven't ever done before. We headed down to Fremont Street in the old downtown area of Las Vegas. Bret remembered when he was younger seeing a cool laser show at night when it got dark so we decided to go try it out. They've changed it a little since Bret saw it . . . now it's like a huge rounded "TV" screen above you that stretches over about 3-4 blocks, and every hour they play a classic/well-known song and have images to look at while it plays. They music was loud and fun. Here are a couple pictures that show what it was like.
We walked back and forth on the road looking at all the strange people. We were a little surprised to see that Alvin had to stop for a smoke break. Kind of funny to see who's under the costume. My kids were a little disappointed in that . . . Jenny says she will never give a "mascot" a hug again because she doesn't trust who might be inside.
The next day we headed for the pool again to hang out it the sun but it turned out to be really windy. The kids only lasted for about an hour and then headed up to the room. It was a little too cold.
That night we headed to Caesars Palace to eat at one of our favorite places
- The Cheesecake Factory! -
We tried to check out the Volcano at the Mirage since we haven't seen it since they re-did it. But they cancelled it because of the strong winds so we headed inside . . . Bret had a little surprise for us.
Somehow he knew about a little yogurt shop at the Mirage so we walked the halls til we found it. This is one of the kids' favorite things lately. They love to pick their flavor of yogurt and then pile on the toppings.
Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel and hoped for a warmer day tomorrow.

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