Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

We had another fun Memorial Day this year. We road bikes with Grandma and Grandpa Z up to Bridal Veil Falls. Jenny and Tyler road further this year . . . going all the way to Vivian Park.
Tyler was a maniac! It was fun to see him ride with the bigger boys this year and race everyone to the top. He was the first one back home too and showed all the cousins, aunts and uncles which way to go through the neighborhoods.
I got to ride with Katy most of the time, and I loved every second of it. She pedaled those legs just as fast as she could. It wasn't until we were almost home that Grandpa asked, "Does Katy's bike only have one gear?" He couldn't believe how well she kept up with everyone with no gears.

The ride back home is always the funnest because it's mostly all downhill. Katy, Grandpa and I were riding together with Grandpa in the front and I in the back. Grandpa would do fancy tricks on his bike . . . kicking rocks off the path and riding with no hands around corners and everything. Katy was mimicking everything he did. By the time we got home, Katy had almost mastered Grandpa's tricks. No challenge goes unnoticed by Katy.

Shawn and Bret decided they would just drive the car up to the falls and meet us there. But we were surprised several times as we rode our bikes on the trail. We would ride our bikes around a corner and all of a sudden Shawn and Bret would be there on the trail, waving to us and telling us "Good Job!" Then they would jump in the car and drive to a new spot ahead of us and surprise us again. One time they were "incognito" . . . Bret was sitting on a rock, making animal sounds by blowing through two pieces of grass, and Shawn was holding a giant tree branch as if he was hidden behind it. It was hilarious! Once we got to the falls, Shawn couldn't wait to start throwing rocks, and he begged to put his feet in the water. Once we said okay it wasn't 5 seconds before he was running into the water to play with Katy. The only problem was . . . Katy was in water that was pretty deep, and Shawn got a little too deep, too fast. He was a little bummed about that, but it wasn't long before he was dry again. I love this picture because it shows all my kids with my Grandma Robinson. Jenny reminded me that last year on Memorial Day, Grandma Robinson was in the hospital getting ready for a major surgery. She has had a rough year. . . Three major surgeries. But she is doing well now, and we're so glad that she could spend the day with us. Usually we have a water fight with water balloons, buckets and squirt guns, but this year we got to sit in Grandpa's hot tub. Besides the awful smell that made us all cough (ha-ha Dad) it was great to get in the warm water. Once all our relatives left, we hung out for a while and Grandma got out the squirt bottles and guns. We told the kids they could squirt each other, but the grown-ups (especially Grandma Robinson) were off-limits. They did pretty good for awhile but then, as you can see by the picture, Jenny couldn't resist stretching the rules a little bit. But Grandma was a good sport and joined in on the fun. There's nothing funner than a water fight with Grandma!
Grandma Clark asked us for some fun pictures of everyone a few weeks ago, so I spent the day trying to get some good shots. I had so much fun taking the pictures, but even more fun going through them later that day. I love each one of these little faces. I can't believe how blessed I am to be their mom.

I love you guys! Happy Days!


JaMie HeApS said...

looks like a fun day. i can so pic bret pulling some stunts in the bushes and suprizing you all. katy good work on all the stunts and keeping up with the one gear. i love the pics cant wate to see them all in moms fancy frames

Gwen said...

Sometimes it is the simple traditions that we repeat with our family that make the lasting impression. I always think of you and Bridal Vail Falls on Memorial Day. Bret is a real ham, I can see him thinking ahead to get the best reaction from everyone. I like the picture of your Grandma. I haven't seen her, for too long. Thank you Nicole for working on the pictures you gave me. I love them, maybe because of who they are of. My favorite people. I love you!