Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lights at Temple Square!

Last night Katy was in charge of our family night, and she surprised us with a trip to see the lights on Temple Square! She made a plan with Dad and off we went. It was really cold and snowing just a little bit. But we had so much fun walking around looking at all the lights, reflection pond, nativities and most of all the temple.
We couldn't keep Katy out of the snow and water. We warned her many times that she would be cold if she got wet. And before we knew it, she had her gloves off in her pockets and wet pants up to her calves. She got a little chilly!

We even got to peek inside both the old tabernacle and the new conference center. We were amazed at the difference in size! We had never been inside the Conference Center, so we were amazed with how big and beautiful it is. We asked our guide lots of questions like . . . How many people can be seated in here? How long did it take to build? Is the Tabernacle Choir preparing for a Christmas Concert soon? Tyler had lots of questions too. He stumped our guide with the question . . . "How many feet high and wide is this building?" LOL! We love our Tyler!

We topped off the night with some hot chocolate chips cookies and ice cream back at home. We are so happy that we were able to go to Salt Lake to see the lights this year. In years past, things have been a little crazy when we've attempted to see the lights. It was fun to be together with our family . . . to think about Christmas and spend a night together. I'm sure this will be something we will never forget!


Kelly said...

What a Fun night. My first thought was oh I can't wait to do that as a family and then it hit me oh yea, we are live across the world. So it was fun to see your photos and enjoy the fun with you. The Questions Ty threw out sound like somthing a Genuis would ask. You are so Cute Ty. I hope the tour guide finds out the anwsers just in case some one else asks that same question! The cookies sounds Yummy! My kind of treat! We love you guys and are so glad you had Fun! Way to plan Katy! We LOVE YOU!

Karolyn said...

Awesome! I am trying to plan a trip up there but everything else keeps getting in the way. Nice planning Katy next week would you come plan our family night? Hey and Kelly I can print a picture of your family and take it with me when we go, and then your family can say we went to temple square to see the lights!
Hey and Nicole I have a sweatshirt that is pink with flip-flops on it from a drive in movie in my yard last year. so if you are out and about stop by to get it. I have washed it about a million times and put it somewhere to remember to return and I always forget. You would think I live across the world. Anyway I loved your entry!

Traci said...

Great pictures! How fun that Jenny is a good enough photographer to get you two in a perfect shot! So glad you fit it in this year, I know how it goes, this might be a our year off...maybe Katy can come plan our next FHE, I seem to be a bit busy!

JAMIE said...

tylet you do always seem to come up with some good questions!!! katie im so impressed with the planning could you plan that same speacial night for my family, im sure my boys would end up wet just like you.
glad you had fun cant waite for the big sleep over this weekend get ready to PARTY!!!

Gwen said...

Those temple pictures are the best! What fun family memories! Grandpa and I sure had fun with you last week end! You were mighty brave on that diving boards. We love the cute Clarks!

Emilee said...

Those pictures are so magical! I love the one with you and Bret! Sounds like the perfect night all together. We had so much fun with your family on Friday! My kids always love being with yours and our adult time was so fun! I loved your name that tune hum! Thanks for sleeping with our kids. Lucy woke up and the first thing she said was "I want to sleep with Katy!" We all love your family!