Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday Countdown!

Today is one of my nephew's birthdays. And I've been thinking about him like crazy lately. Last week I realized that his birthday was coming and that's when the mental countdown began. This last weekend I spent a lot of time in bed with my leg up and every once in awhile I'd think, "Just a few more days until Kade's birthday!"

Now I know that a countdown is normal for me to do with my own kids' and their birthdays, but I don't usually consciously count down days for my nieces and nephews. But for some reason this cute Kade (as you can see from the great picture above)has been on my mind.

I've thought several times this morning about when we can call Kade to sing "Happy Birthday" so that our time zones would match up okay. But by the time we woke up this morning, Kade was already at school.

And then it hit me. While I was doing the dishes this morning I realized why Kade has been on my mind. He's turning eight! and that's not just like any other birthday. Eight is a big one for Kade because he's going to be baptized in a couple weeks.

I don't know why we have different thoughts about loved ones at different times like we do, but for some reason I could feel that this was an extra special one for Kade. I'm so happy for him.

Kade, we love you. We are so proud of you for choosing to be baptized. Grandma and Grandpa Clark told us that they get to come see you for your baptism, and we think that is great. You will have so much fun having them there with you. They love you so much.

We hope you have an extra fun birthday today in that yummy, Florida sun. We want you to know that we love you and we're thinking about you.

Happy Birthday Kade!


Kelly said...

Oh... What a SWEET post! You made me smile, laugh and cry! I am homesick after that one! Kade was all grins when he saw he was highlighted on your blog. Thank you for the kind words. And the phone call the singing was AWESOME! I love you... I loved talking to you today. Good Luck getting better. Wish I was close to help you out... and bring you some din din, fold your Laundry, watch your kids and take care of you. Take it easy... you don't want to Rush anything. Take advantage of the break and "Milk it" for all you can... weeks off from church... have the ward bring in meals... lay flat while watching good movies and eating brownies. I Love you! Thanks again and your in my prayers!

Jenny said...


I think you are awesome. I hope you had a great Birthday.

Love Uncle Bret

or as you like to call me... Tylers Dad.

JAMIE said...

cole im so behind. mom told me that you were getting you leg done an dit tottaly went in one ear and out the next till i read this and pic. you up with your leg. im the worst!! i hope everything has been going well and im all over what ever you need, i'll call you.

happy birthday kaders 8 is a big one.

Gwen said...

Oh yes Kade, Grandpa and I love you and can't wait for you to tell us all about the alligators. We feel so lucky to share your baptism! Nicole you are such a blessing to our family. Your post about Jenny and now about Kade are stamped in my memory. Thank you for your tender words. I love you!!!