Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jenny's Dance Concert

Jenny performed in a benefit concert for the Utah Food Bank this last week. She had so much fun. . . She was grinning from ear to ear the whole time!

She got to do two dances this year.
The names of the dances are
"Cooties" and "Miscommunication".

This is a picture of all the girls on her team.

Way to go Extreme!

You all did a great job!


Kim said...

Jen, you were Awesome!! Emilee sure loves having you to dance with!

Kelly said...

Jen... You look SO CUTE and way to grown up! I sure wish we could have seen you dance. Some day when we move back Mckinnley and Maddi will have to join the group and you all will dance together. What fun that will be. I love you Jenny

heaps of love said...

jen i can just imagine your moves!!! i bet you were awsome you look darling like a true babe!!!