Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hiking to the "Y"

We were so lucky!
This morning Bret got us all loaded up
and took us to hike to the "Y"!
This was the gate at the bottom of the trail.
We couldn't wait!
I really thought I could carry Shawn, but Bret said no way! Luckily Grandma and Grandpa Z were willing to watch him for a couple hours while we went on our big adventure. After a few switchbacks we were all panting like mad dogs and Bret said, "Aren't you glad we don't have Shawn?" I had to admit that carrying Shawn wouldn't have been very easy.
After about an hour hike, we made it to the top!
The kids were so excited!
Once we came around the corner and we could see the "Y", there was nothing stopping Tyler.
He was the first to touch it!

It was amazing up there!
The weather was perfect!

We couldn't have asked for a better day!It was so fun to be together!. . . laughing, talking, sharing water, taking breaks to rest, listening to Bret's stories . . . It was great!
Once we got home, Bret and I felt like our muscles had all turned to Jello. We were tired and ready to sit down and watch the cougar game. The next thing we knew the kids were asking "Can we go out and play?" and they played all afternoon!

Hiking to the "Y" was so fun . . .
it was something we will
always remember!
Thank you Dad!
You are the Best! We love you!


heaps of love said...

what a party, and what a good time to do it with all the pretty leaves.

Anonymous said...

I would type a great response to your blog, but I am still out of breath from hiking to the Y. Whew...I need a nap


Kim said...

What a fun family activity!! I know how hard that hike is and i'm not sure i'd make it today. Way to go Ty, Jenny, & Kate!! It must be the new fitness expert dad you have to come up with such a fun Saturday plan.

McKinnley said...

WOW! that looks super fun!