Saturday, September 29, 2007

Field Trip Day at Thanksgiving Point

We had another fun field trip with Miss Angie's Preschool!
We went to Thanksgiving Point and saw all the farm animals!
Katy's started it off right with a pony ride!

Then we were off to Feeding the Goats!
I have to say that Katy is my bravest child
when it comes to a lot of things, including feeding goats.
I was a little nervous myself, but not Kate!
She jumped right in there and loved it!

This is Katy's best Friend at school -- Daniella!
Since I wasn't paying attention . . .
we missed the class hayride.
Lucky for me, Daniella said she would go on the hay ride again with us
so Katy would feel better about missing the whole thing.
Thank you Daniella!!!
We even got our own private ride!
After the hayride, Katy begged me for more money for animal food, but I was out of change. Katy was extremely disappointed. But this didn't stop her from getting more food. She just walked over to the vending machine and started picking up all the little corn pieces that people had dropped on the ground. She ended up with a pretty good handful. Way to go Beana!

This time she fed it all to the cows!

Shawn, of course, loved the day especially kisses from Kate!
But not so much the picture taking on the Sheep!
and he wanted to feed the goats himself . . .
and maybe take a picture or two!
But his new favorite thing to do, that drives mom crazy,

is stand in his stroller. What a monkey!


heaps of love said...

beana i love you what a fun field trip. you look like a real cow girl on that horse. next year your entering the 24 horse racing!!
shawn you are getting so big, and very talented standing in you stroller.

Kelly said...

Wow... You look so Brave to feed the animals bare handed! And you look like a Princess riding that horse. Love it! Shawn you remind me of Millie... A Wiggle Worm! You look so Grown up and your Hair is comen in Strong! I wish I could kiss hold and love on you! Looks like a great day! Nick the time is going by fast but our door is open for you to come show the kids Seattle. We would LOVE to have you. UEA would be terrrriffic!
We love you all! Hurry on up!

Kim said...

Katy, I love you! And um I miss you! I wish you were at my house. I wish I could kangaroo zoo with you again. Thank you for inviting me to go to your birthday. I wish I could go over to your house. I hope you have a good day at school. Love Abbie

Kymmie's Cakes said...

I love the pictures. What a fun day with the animals. I wish I could have been there to play with you and Shawn!