Friday, April 27, 2007

Utah Lake Field Trip

Katy, Shawn and I had so much fun today!
We went to Utah Lake for one of
Katy's Preschool Field Trips.
This is Katy with her friend Halle!
What cute girls!!!

First we found some ducks (and geese)
and gave them a little popcorn.

. . . watching Katy feed the ducks!

Then Katy ran in some races with her friends.
They ran, skipped, hopped, and ran backwards.
I could tell she loved it because
she had a big smile the whole time!

They played on the playground for awhile
and then we ate our sack lunch.

It was great to be out in a little sunshine!


Kim said...

You are a great mom Nicole!

Julie said...

SO cute! I love all your pictures. I found you through Kelly's blog, and I found hers through Courtney Clark's blog. It's such a small world.