Tuesday, April 24, 2007

6 Months Old Already?

Shawn will be six months old soon!
We just took these pictures this morning
so everyone can see how big Shawn is getting!
Where does the time go?

It broke Mom's heart to start feeding Shawn
baby cereal a while back,
Now he's chowing it so fast she can't keep up with him.
He smiles and laughes all the time.
There is rarely a time when he doesn't smile at everyone.
At church on Sunday, Bret had to leave Elder's Quorum
because Buddy was talking so loud!
Normally I wouldn't believe Bret for this kind of excuse,
but I have to admit, this time I wasn't surprised! :)

Shawn loves to hold toys and
watch what's happening all around him.
But his favorite thing is sucking on his hands.
We are still amazed at how much of his hand
he can get in his mouth!
What's the deal?

We realized the other day that
Shawn is starting to be a mover!
He started rolling around on my bed after taking a nap,
so now we've got to keep a closer eye on him!
It's not going to be long before we are chasing him
up and down the stairs!

Shawn loves his Brother and Sisters!
He loves to play with Katy all day long!
She is such a big help getting his binkie and diapers and toys.
What would we do without her?!
Jenny is like an extra mom!
She can hold him and walk with him,
change his pants, help him go to sleep . . .
In fact, some mornings she gets him out of bed
before I hear him and plays with him
for a while so I can get a few extra ZZZs!
Jenny is amazing!
And Tyler . . .
He can make Shawn laugh harder then any of us.
I think there is something between those two . . .
It must be brother thing ;)
Happy 1/2 Birthday!
We have loved every second so far and
we are excited for new days to come!


Kim said...

Those pictures couldn't be any cuter! He is already so photogenic. Time does fly by. Enjoy him cause before you know it you he will be climbing up the cupborads, and driving you crazy!! We love you Shawn!

heaps of love said...

holly cow time dose cruz. shawn is the cutest little boy have you been preping him for his aunt jamie