Thursday, March 22, 2007

Haircut Day!

We finally got Jenny and Katy in for a trim today!
They kinda look like twins now?!
Beana has been sick all week with the barfs and runs
so we give her a HOORAY!
for being so brave for a cut!

Now Mom needs to give Tyler a little cut!
We'll let Shawn off the hook on haircuts
for a few more months.
(although it is starting to look a little fuzzy!)
But there's nothing funner then loosing front teeth.
What would we do without our Tyler?!
We sure love our boys!


Thompson Troop said...

What cute kids! Love the hair-doos!
I just can't believe Bret hasn't blogged a photo of his bum yet? Kelly

heaps of love said...

the hair cutes are darling the only thing that would have made them better is if they came from your aunt jamie.

Kim said...

What a great picture of the boys. They look like brothers!