Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Years Eve Party 2013

For New Years Eve this year we went to dinner and the then hit the comedy club for a few laughs.  Comedy Sportz is becoming one of our favorite places to go as a family.

It was so fun to have everyone together . . . just our family.  We laughed and talked about things we're hoping will happen in 2013.  We even joked about how Jenny might be on a date next year for New Years since she'll be 16 by then.  That was a little hard for me to think about but made me appreciate even more the time we had together this year.  

I'm so grateful for Bret and each one of my kids.  We always have so much fun together.  I'm excited for a new year to make new goals and to look forward to more adventures and changes as life moves on.
Happy New Year to All!


jen jen said...
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Katy Clark said...

that was a blast lets plan on it next year!!!!!!

Gwen said...

I remember driving up to your house one summer night and you were all together on the lawn doing fireworks. Having so much fun being together. Those times are the best! I think a smart Mom protects alone family time. Glad you ohad such a great New Years Eve. Katy you played like a champ on Saturday. Jenny so glad you tromped on Timp View! Tyler you get more handsome every time I see you. Hope you get that I Pad home often. Shawn I think you are a computer wiz! Love you Bret and Nic!