Sunday, January 8, 2012

Paintball Target Practice

Santa brought a box of 2000 paintballs and each of the kids a wrist rocket
this year for Christmas. So the day before the kids went back to school
we went out back for a little target practice.
. . . aiming at Osama Bin Laden, Zombies, huge elk
and our own family picture.
Bret was a good sport and added his backside to the targets for each of us to take one shot. Tyler hit him in the back, and then took off running for the frontyard yelling, "Sorry, Dad. Sorry, Dad". It was funny.

Shawn needed a little help shooting but ended up having a pretty good aim.
Jenny thought standing on a chair would help her in some way.
And everyone shot a couple over the top of the shed to Brother Blake's house.
It was a beautiful day to be outside and really fun to all be together.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Only the Clarks would pull off such cool n fun Christmas gifts!! Looks like a day the thompsons would LOVE!!
hope the neighbor likes orange!!
Ty way to shoot your dad! I'd run too!