Friday, September 2, 2011

Shawn and Soccer

We finally got Shawn signed up for his first Soccer team. We didn't know if he would like it but he's in heaven! He asks everyday when his next game is. He runs fast and throws in a few hops/skips and gallops as he goes. He is loving it!

The first two games he w0re white and they lost both times. He couldn't wait to be blue because "the blue team is SO good." The next time he was blue and they lost again :( That night he wasn't sure what color he wanted to be . . . he was so confused.


Gwen said...

Shawn, what a love. He is always a winner. So sorry Grandpa was too rough with him the other night. We are going to have to do some making up tonight. I am thinking of your back Nic. It only takes one good hurt to make you so grateful for your health. You will get better, it is just so darn hard to wait. It was such a treat to be with your family and see the new scooter, the adorable little she dog, and celebrate soccer too. Tom and I love the Clark family!!!

Kelly said...

Oh Shawn.. you are so Cute! I wish we could have Millie on your team and uncle Heath coaching! Some day!
Go Fight Win!

Nic, you back is hurt? What happened? I will have to call in the morning and get the scoop. Wish I lived close by I would make you dinner and deliver... Watch your kids and love you like you all did for me when I was down with my back. Your in my prayers!