Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter . . . a little late . . .

but at least you don't have to look at David G. anymore

or listen to the birthday song :)

We love you all!

Happy Day!


Kelly said...

Oh what a Cute Gang you have. I can't believe how big everyone is getting! Nuts! It looks like you had a happy day by the smiles on everyone lips.

I got Kim's wedding invitation. She looks so pretty and happy! I am thrilled for her. I felt awfully special that you would think to send me one. Thank You!
Are you all going out to the wedding? Are you driving or flying? We are on the way and would love to host you and your family coming or going... Oh I think you should drive so we can all see you. Love You

Gwen said...

Nic I love your new "Earth" Page. You and I are feeling the longing for spring and growing things. I loved it when you shared with me about your Relief Society Meeting and gardens. Your front yard is so wonderful right now. I think you should post a picture of your pansies and tulips. The Easter picture of the kids is great. I can hardly wait for next week!!! I loved Kim's announcement. It reminded me of the picture of you and Bret with your arms around him. You are going to have such an exciting trip! I am going to do my best to be you and get everyone where they need to go. Such a busy, happy family.

JaMie HeApS said...

ohh look at the new post, so glad cuz david was doing me in:)
what a cute easter pic, i think jenny is sporting her skirt she sewed, i LOVE IT. do you think you and bret could hop i the next one? it fells like forever since ive seen you too.
happy easter we love you.

oh and i got the invite too, happy days in the summer for her. i bet shes so excited. teh guy must have some serouse brains:)