Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Swim Meet of the Year

Tyler had his first meet of the year at the Provo Pool and he did awesome! It was so fun to see how much he's improved over the last several months.

While we were waiting for Tyler's turn, Ty asked Bret to write "Eat my Bubbles" on his back with a pen. Bret agreed . . . only he wrote his own little message. It took Tyler awhile to figure out what we were all laughing about.
Ty swam in two events this time . . . 50 Freestyle and 50 Breaststroke. He swam the 50 freestyle first and beat his time by 5 seconds. I wish I had a video of him when he climbed out of the pool. He was so excited! He was jumping up and down and yelling "YES". It was so fun to see his reaction. He beat his "50 Breaststroke" time by 3 seconds too.
I'm so proud of Tyler and the hard work he has put into his swimming. Beating your times at a meet makes all the hard work worth it. Way to go Bud!


Gwen said...

Oh my heck Tyler, I missed your meet. Where is my brain? Amazing things are happening to your body as you swim... You are turning into man, muscles and all. You look taller and more handsome. I am sorry everyone had to look at your bum through the meet, but I bet they kind of liked it. I am sure they had to eat your bubbles too. I love you Mr. Tyler! Keep swimming Mr.Spitz.

Terry said...

Tyler...way to go and beat both of your were awesome!!! I couldn't believe how good you were in both of your races! The pictures tell it all! (You've got a great photographer!) Love u, Grandma Z :)

Kelly said...

tyler... what a stud you are. You remind me of the Olympic swimmers in the pic of you throwing your arms up in the air. Do you think we could get you can Kade swimming together and someday have you on the relay team for the USA. I wish we could have been in the stands cheering you on. I LOVE YOU Ty. Swimmming is such hard work and to think you smashed your last time is AMAZING! I cant wait to see you swim in laguna. xoxo
I think we should come up with a secret plan to get your Dad back.. lets be thinking!