Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jenny's Next Phase of Braces

Jenny has had her braces on for a little over a year, and her teeth are looking beautiful. They all look perfectly straight. But now it's time for the next phase of work on her mouth.
Jenny got this new appliance put on her teeth that is permanent and it looks so uncomfortable. It's call a Herbst. It's like a giant hinge that is built to pull her bottom jaw forward so it doesn't sit back so far.
She climbed in the car and took one look at her mouth and started to cry. I told her "Poop! You got this jaw problem from me." But she took a deep breath and was brave from there on out. 8 months with this thing seems long, but it will be over before we know it and then we will be homeward bound.


kymzum3 said...

Oh no! Hang in there Jen. It will all be over soon and then you will have the most beautiful teeth ever!

jamie heaps said...

jen your one foxy mama with or without the braces..

Terry said...

and that's all I'm going to say about that!!! Love u, Grandma Z :)

Kelly said...

Ouch... I remeber all those fun days. YOU ARE GUNNA LOOK SO HOT when it is all said and done!