Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Morning Sounds

There's nothing funner then finishing up the dishes in the morning, after the kids have left for school, and hearing giggles and screams coming from my room. Shawn climbs up in my bed to snuggle with Bret, and it always turns in to a mini war. I hear a little, "Thaaat's it, Thaaat's it" and then

off they go in a giggling / screaming match.

And I'll bet you can't guess who always "WINS"?!


Kim said...

It's fun to see how much Bret reminds me of my Dad. I remember getting taken down by Bret in my younger years but would end up with a bloody nose and bumps and bruises before we were done. I loved the story about Shawn and the Polar Express. I have thought about him several times since and it makes me smile. What a cute little boy!

Kelly said...

Looks like Shawn Must have won, Bret is still in bed? And I hope Not too hurt!
What Happy times. Shawn will never forget his morning Wrestling Matches with his Dad. Bret you are a Awesome Dad! Love you guy!

Gwen said...

Archie, you remind me of Tom. Does Shawn give you a wet willie in your ear? I will have to teach him that trick tomorrow. I am looking forward to being with your kids. Hope you are having a FANTASTIC trip.