Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Celine Dion Concert in November?

No Celine Dion Concert in November!
Celine got sick and it was post-poned until February!
After waiting for over a year, with tickets in hand, we ended up having to wait an extra 3 months for the big night. To top it off . . . Drumroll please . . . it was re-scheduled for a Sunday night! Double Bummer! But we didn't hesitate for a second about going. It was awesome!
Jenny and I were so lucky to have Grandma Z and my Aunt Leslie come with us. The second we walked in the door, I turned around and there was Sister Carolyn Chambers (a cute sister in our ward, and one of Jenny's primary leaders) with her daughter in line buying a Celine Dion shirt. We both laughed about it being Sunday and how funny it was to see each other there. We said good-bye and told them to enjoy their night.

We started our search for a fun place to take a picture but we didn't have much luck. We decided to take our chances with the Celine Dion Poster Man . We were nervous about taking a picture in front of this table full of Celine posters because we thought the man would be upset. But as you can see, he enjoyed jumping into the picture himself.

After grabbing some of Jenny favorite food in the world, MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM, we headed in to find our seats. Little did we know, we were in for another surprise. Sister Chambers and her daughter were sitting right behind us! What are the chances our seats would be right together?!? It was fun to sit by them!

It was so fun to watch Jenny's eyeballs about pop out of her head when she saw how close we were to the stage. This was Jenny's first concert and I think she loved every second of it!

The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Katy would have been with us. Hopefully next time she'll be able to join the big girls! :)
Thank you Mom and Leslie for making the night so fun. Les, I'm so glad you joined us at the last minute. You need to join us more often for our girls' nights out. Movie night . . .?
The concert was great, Celine was great, the company was great. . . I would definitely do it again. Even if it was on Sunday!

(Here is an awful video of one of my favorite songs)


JAMIE said...

cole i think sunday only makes it all the better!!!! and the poster man is looking good in you photo!! im glad you had fun theres nothing like a girls night out, expecially when its topped off with some tasty treats.

Terry said...

Let's do it again!!! It was worth the wait!!! Love u, Mom ;)

Gwen said...

You guys know how to live. . . two outings, out of one concert. I am so glad you finally got to go. I am sure it was wonderful!!!!! Nicole, you are much foxier than Celine! Bret you are a lucky man. Hi Terry!