Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bridal Veil Falls

We had one of the funnest days today! Bret called from Vegas and said that the inspector was coming to our house and it would take him about 2 hours to complete the entire inspection. It was time for Shawn's nap so I wasn't really sure what to do. I grabbed the kids and we headed for Taco Time for a little lunch. I had them throw their suits in the car just in case we found some water to play in. After we ate, I decided to take the kids up to Bridal Veil Falls to play in the water . . . I thought this would be fun and we could stay long enough to let the inspector get his job done. On our way up University Ave, I called my Dad to see if he wanted to come with us and he said, "YES!" So I stopped at his house and picked him up for our little adventure.

We parked down below, in the little parking lot at the bottom of the trail, and we walked up to the base of the Falls. It was so fun to have Grandpa come along. Shawn kept smiling at me because Grandpa was pushing the stroller.

The second we got there the kids took off through the water with their flip flops on ready to attack.
Shawn wasn't nervous at all. It was a little tricky keeping up with him. He knew exactly where he wanted to go next and there was nothing stopping him.

Jenny and Katy started climbing up the falls with Grandpa right behind them. I noticed Katy was in the lead the whole time. When they came back down Grandpa said Katy was like a little mountain goat . . . there was nothing stopping her. I think she would have kept climbing if we hadn't called her back.
Grandpa challenge Tyler to make a Dam and Tyler was all over that!

He started gathering rocks . . .
. . . and before long the girl chipped in a little help too.

Don't they have the cutest little bodies!?!
By this time Shawn was a little tired, so he and I just watched and wandered a little.

I thought it was so fun to have my Dad come along with us today. I'm so glad that you were home, Dad, and that you were willing to come with us at the last minute. Thank you for being such a cute Grandpa.
We will always remember this day. . .We love you!


Kelly said...

I'm sitting here crying with Millie on my lap as I looked at your post. The new fishing Photo is Awesome! Looks like a cover of a magazine! Just needed you and Shawn! What a Special treat to have Grandpa for the day. I couldn't help but smile as I read about Katy being the Mountain Goat and Leading the family up the mountain. She keeps your family Brave and Strong! Loved the Post. Thanks for sharing! Love You All!

heaps of love said...

Ive hit bridalveil a few times this year with my boys and they think its heavin up there. i love that one next timeyou get a hankering for that give yo9u aunt jamie a last minuet call well be up for it. and if you ever need an excape with all this house stuff going on my door is allways open, im so excited it sold and you moving what fun times. oh and isnt it amazing how much kids love there grandparnets jace talks to grandpa on his phone all day long.

Gwen said...

Sometimes those last minute activities are the very best. Grandpa and I loved having you come up to Wallsburg the other night. Katy I am glad you wiggled that tooth out. Thank you for the yummy dinner and chocolate strawberries! Mostly thank you for the time together, we love you!